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Carolina Pharma is a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility located in the free economic zone of Mersin, Turkey. The company was founded in 2015 by various medical and pharmaceutical experts in the industry.

Our company is the first in the area to produce prescription medicines, dietary supplements, and other special pharmaceutical products. Our facility is GMP certified and fully equipped with state of the art technology.

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Our Mission

We work on motivating our staff and pushing our resources forward to invest our knowledge and expertise in order to increase healing and hope among patients. Our focus is to ensure the health and happiness of our customers by producing a range of high-quality medicines at an affordable price.

Our Vision 

As a pharmaceutical factory, we aim to provide trusted and excellent quality medication for all kinds of patients. We believe that medical and pharmaceutical resources should be available for everyone with no exceptions in affordable prices and good quality.

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Our Values

We are driven by integrity, honesty, teamwork, responsiveness and a focus on continuous improvement to become a world-class facility and provide the best value to customers.
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